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When will my order be ready? Order processing time.

The Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) at Printoteca is our forecast regarding when an order might be delivered to the end customer. EDT is the sum of the estimated production time and the estimated courier service time. Think of it as:

estimated production time + estimated courier service time = estimated delivery time

Our average production time is 1-5 working days for all products. When calculating the estimated production time, we take into account the current order volume and our capacity. Over 80% of the orders received are ready within two working days from placing the order.

The estimated courier service time varies depending on the courier service provider and the region where the delivery is made.

The estimated delivery time is just an estimate, not a guarantee. You may receive the order after the EDT due to reasons such as:

Issues with design files
Products being out of stock
Delivery delays, such as failed delivery attempts or unforeseen events

While we strive to have all our products in stock, there are cases where a particular product may not be immediately available. This can be due to high demand for that product or the complex manufacturing processes required to produce that specific product. In such situations, the estimated processing and delivery time may be longer, generally between 7 and 12 working days.

At Printoteca, all products are made on demand, so it's important to keep in mind that what we can offer is only an estimated time and there may be exceptional circumstances that can affect the delivery time, such as seasonal peaks, unfavourable weather conditions, or delays from the courier service.

If you have an urgent order or experience unusual delays in delivery, please contact Printoteca customer support for further information.

Updated on: 25/05/2024

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