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Marketplace Regulations

This regulation complements Printoteca Marketplace Terms and Conditions of Use and Sellers Guide and refers specifically to the content you can upload to your store on the Printoteca website. The second part of the regulation includes the selection criteria for vendors.

Your Marketplace Content
Once the vendor account is approved, all products created are automatically approved. If, following periodic checks, we find violations of this regulation, your vendor account will be suspended, so we encourage you to be responsible when adding new products and to ask for feedback on when you are not sure that what loading is ok.

Graphics quality: You must upload files with a resolution of 300 dpi at 1:1 scale, RGB mode and transparent background. Products generated with graphics that do not meet these standards are non-compliant and will result in account suspension.
Graphics comply with Anti Fake & Hate policy
Graphics are original, created by the vendor. Printoteca Marketplace does not sell content from stock image platforms.
If the graphic is generated with AI, it complies with the specific policy and the product description explicitly mentions that the design is made with AI.
Product design must include elaborate visual content, convey a message. Reproduction through a simple typo of funny messages, well-known jokes, will not be accepted.
You are responsible for uploading a moderate number of products to ensure variety and visibility of all sellers in the marketplace, avoiding excessive uploading. Flooding practices will result in account suspension.
Do not duplicate products.
Select a maximum of 5 colors for a product and ensure that the uploaded graphics are compatible with the color background of the product. Do not load white graphics on white products, black on black products, red on red products, etc.
Do not upload raw scanned images or personal photos without artistic content. Graphics in a rectangular format are not suitable for printing on textiles and we avoid this type of format.
We encourage testing DTG printing technology before opening an online store to ensure compatibility of graphics with printing methods.

It's normal to have personal preferences when it comes to graphics and for them not to match our policy. We offer the alternative of selling on Etsy or on your own e-commerce platform in the print on demand system. In this case, you only need to respect the anti Fake & Hate policy.

Approving your vendor account

Access to the Printoteca Marketplace is subject to an initial assessment. The evaluation process is intended to ensure the quality and artistic consistency of the products offered, for the mutual benefit of both the platform and the creators. If we don't validate your account, it doesn't mean that we don't like your graphics or the project you're promoting, it's just that, in our experience, it's not compatible for a #printbun.

What we look at when we do the assessment:
The existence of a portfolio, more specifically of experience in design. We want high-quality products in the Marketplace, so graphics done to the right standards are very important
The ability to create graphics for print on specific products: what looks good on an art print does not necessarily look cool on a t-shirt and vice versa.
The existence of a style, a message, a consistency in content
If you're doing merch for a band or a business, it's important that there aren't only products with your logo in the shop

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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